DLN8GB - 8 fully programmable DMX ports and a dual Gigabit port switch.features for start and loop USB connection for file exchange and backup, compatible with PC and Mac

Both nodes offers data splitting, merging, softpatching and backup when programmed using ELC’s dmXLAN software.


Optional: Fully-isolated DMX ports 


Features includes:

  • 8 bi-directional DMX ports on the rear panel, RDM compatible 

  • DMX to Ethernet & Ethernet to DMX conversion 

  • Remote programming and monitoring, remote fixture parameter override

  • DMX input options: normal or backup

  • DMX output options: normal, merging in HTP, LTP, channel custom, priority merging, full softpatch (channel by channel), programmable merging with DMX channel control

  • Local control via backlit display, rotary encoder/selector pushbutton

  • Support for WYSIWYG, ESP, Capture


Daily price : 40.00 €

Contact : rental@yesrental.be
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24/26 rue de la Paix, Tournai - Belgique