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This version differs from art. 13021 for the type of LEDs. It uses EDISON FEDERAL 5050 12W LEDs, instead of CREE XML 20W LEDs as the 13021 version. The CITYCOLOR LED/E is an high powerful LED lighting fixture, designed with unique features. The product is suitable for applications where a powerful and large light output is required. With 43.500 lumens the compact CITYCOLOR LED/E is particularly useful for lighting hire companies for use on tours, festivals, large events, in theatres and for film and TV studios productions. The product incorporates all the features of its historicaly famous predecessor, the CITYCOLOR, but has several key advantages due to the cutting edge “Flicker Free on camera“ LED technology and renewed streamlined aesthetics. • Standard fixture colour finishing is black. Optional grey and white (art. FX-COLOUR). • Same light output of traditional Citycolor. • 1/3 of its power consumption. • 1/3 of its weight. • Up to 65° wide beam angle. • Small and lightweight.

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